Veterinarians play an integral role in keeping animals healthy, which in turn protects human health. Supporting veterinarians is a central part of the role of the animal health industry in Canada – it’s a win for everyone!

Our Code

Over 30 years ago, the CAHI Board of Directors wanted to ensure high ethical standards in the animal health industry, and developed our Code of Marketing Practice for member companies.  

Adherence to the Code is a requirement of CAHI membership and It serves to maintain a high standard of ethics for the promotion of animal health products and goes beyond Canadian regulatory requirements.

Your rep, your best ally

In this 4-part series, we introduce some of the country’s leading industry representatives to demonstrate how and why they can help you grow and manage your business.

Votre représentant, votre meilleur allié

Dans cette série de quatre épisodes, nous vous présentons des membres chevronnés d’équipes des ventes de partout au pays, afin de vous démontrer comment et pourquoi ils peuvent vous aider à développer et à gérer votre entreprise.

Engage your team in the conversation about the many ways animal health field representatives are an asset to your clinic’s success!

Part 1

Animal health industry representatives are also veterinarians, RVTs and industry experts who have real clinic experience and the business acumen needed to support your clinic’s needs

Part 2

Animal health industry representatives are well versed in industry trends, have a wealth of knowledge and can share tools and services that will help your clinic thrive, especially during times of change, while sharing a fresh perspective

Part 3 

Consider who your partners are. The companies want you to have success with reputation, compliance and client relationships. It’s about better business practices and advocating for patients, not just selling. Your success as a hospital, is ultimately their success as well

Part 4

Your animal health industry representatives are an extension of your management and marketing team – understand how their skills, educational tools and resources can support your business goals, so that you can focus on your patients and clients

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