Canadian Animal Health Institute

Companion Animal Health

Anyone sharing their home with a pet knows the vital role they play in our lives.  Pets are loyal companions, they keep us active contributing to improved mental and physical well-being, they make us laugh and occasionally they make us cry.  No one can deny the special relationship we share with our pets contributes to our quality of life. 

A 2016 survey of Canadians conducted by Kynetec on behalf of the Canadian Animal Health Institute revealed that 41% of Canadian households have at least one dog, giving us an estimated population of 7.6 million dogs.   Meanwhile, 37% of households have at least 1 cat, giving us an estimated 8.8 million cats living in Canadian homes.

Members of the Canadian Animal Health Institute are committed to providing veterinarians and pet owners with the newest, safest and most appropriate medications and foods to keep your pet healthy.    To learn about how animal medicines protect both pets and people, click here.  We’re glad to partner with you and your veterinarian to provide your pet with health-care options to ensure a long and healthy life.

2016 Canadian Pet Population Figures Released