Canadian Animal Health Institute


Joint CAHI and CleanFARMS Partnership 

Members of the Canadian Animal Health Institute are pleased to partner with CleanFARMS in the collection and safe disposal of unwanted livestock / equine medicines and obsolete pesticides from farmers in all provinces. Acceptable products in this program:

  • Livestock medications that are used by primary producers in the rearing of animals in an agricultural context (identified with a Drug Identification Number (DIN), Serial Number or Pest Control Product (PCP) number on the label).
  • Obsolete or unwanted agricultural pesticides (identified with a Pest Control Product number on the label)

CAHI’s participation in this program is just one part of our industry’s commitment to safely managing our products throughout their lifecycle.  This collection is free of charge for farmers. In between collection periods, farmers are asked to safely store their unwanted pesticides and livestock/equine medications until they can properly dispose of them through the program.

This program offers farmers an environmentally responsible way to dispose of old or unwanted product. It is offered in each province at least once every three years. Farmers drop off their obsolete materials at a designated collection site. Products are then transported to a high temperature incineration facility where they are safely disposed of.

Information on the 2017 program will be available in June. Collections this year will take place in British Columbia (Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island), Southern Saskatchewan, Quebec and Prince Edward Island.