Canadian Animal Health Institute

Industry Leadership Award Winners

The Canadian Animal Health Institute's Leadership Award recognizes and honours outstanding accomplishments by individuals or organizations in the field of Canadian animal health. The award recognizes leadership and innovation over time in the fields of veterinary medicine and/or animal health.  Winners are selected by a committee who assess their contributions to animal health in the following categories: 

  • Leadership
  • Accomplishments
  • Innovative spirit
  • Involvement in the cause of animal health


Announcing the 2017 CAHI Award Winners!

CAHI is pleased to announce the following two award winners:

  • Dr. Randy Bagg of Elanco for the CAHI Recognizing its Leaders Award - press release
  • Crystal Mackay of the Canadian Centre for Food Integriy for the CAHI Industry Leadership Award - press release







For more information on previous winners below please contact CAHI.

Previous winners include:

2016 Canadian Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (CIPARS)
2015 Dr. Murray Jelinski
Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
2014 Dr. Jacques Messier
CEO, Toronto Humane Society
2013 Dr. Maurice Smith
2012 Dr. John Prescott
Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph
2011 Dr. Yves Gosselin
Hôpital Vétérinaire Riv-Sud, Centre Vétérinaire Laval
2010 Drs. John Hilton, Brent Matthew, Donal McKeown & James Patterson
Founders of Veterinary Medical Diets “Medi-Cal”
2009 Dr. Clayton MacKay
Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada
2008 Dr. Patricia Dowling
Canadian gFARAD, Western College of Veterinary Medicine
2007 Stan Eby
Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
2006 Dr. Bernhard Pukay
Alta Vista / Bayview Animal Hospitals
2005 Dr. Duane Landals
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association / Alberta Veterinary Medical Association
2004 Dr. Brian Evans
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
2003 Dr. Lorne Babiuk
Veterinary Infectious Diseases Organization
2002 Dr. Otto Radostits
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
2001 Drs. Tim Guichon, Kee Jim
Feedlot Health Management Services
2000 Dr. Camille Moore
Mopork Inc.
1999 Dr. Reuben Mapletoft
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
1998 Dr. Ken Leslie
Ontario Veterinary College
1997 Ontario Farm Animal Council

Dr. Murray Jelinski
Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Murray Jelinski, Professor and Alberta Chair in Beef Cattle Health and Production Medicine is the 2015 recipient of the Canadian Animal Health Institute’s (CAHI) Industry Leadership Award. In presenting the award, CAHI President Jean Szkotnicki reflected on Jelinski’s many contributions to bovine practitioners, cattle health and the animal health industry.

“Murray’s capacity to critically think and communicate issues has contributed to improving bovine health, the education of new and practicing veterinarians and to the regulatory matters impacting the animal health industry. His energy and enthusiasm for veterinary medicine and all it involves is in a word, inspirational. His consideration and sage advice over the years has helped me personally, the CAHI members and I’m sure thousands of practitioners. He’s an advocate and a mentor for students. He’s a dedicated volunteer, having served over 10 years as the Secretary-Treasurer to the Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners, a role he continues to fill. Murray’s previous experience in industry prior to joining the faculty at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine provides him with a unique perspective on the challenges faced by members of the CAHI and the veterinary profession. His honest, considered contributions to our industry have been truly appreciated. Yes, he is an industry leader, and I am happy to consider him an industry friend.”

Upon receiving the award, Jelinski expressed his deep appreciation for the honour. “I was both surprised and humbled when Jean called to say that I’d been chosen as this year's award recipient. It is a great honour to be recognized by your peers and I extend my gratitude to Jean and the Board for this award. There is a saying, "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity", and I think this applies to me. Over my career I have had the good fortune to encounter many great mentors, who have bettered my career. In addition, my career path has been anything but linear, having been afforded the opportunity to explore veterinary medicine from the perspective of private practice, the pharmaceutical industry, and now as an educator and researcher. And while my time in the pharmaceutical industry was relatively short, I met many great people, many of whom have remained close friends to this day. Again, I thank the CAHI for this award, it is truly a highlight of my veterinary career.”


Dr. Jacques Messier
Toronto Humane Society

Dr. Jacques Messier

Jacques Messier is seen here with CAHI President Jean Szkotnicki.

Dr. Jacques Messier, Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Humane Society is the 2014 recipient of the Canadian Animal Health Institute’s (CAHI) Industry Leadership Award.   While presenting the award, CAHI President Jean Szkotnicki provided a brief overview of Jacques’ career and the many roles he pursued. 

“Jacques Messier has expertise in a number of areas and has left a beneficial mark in all the positions he engaged in.  When one looks at the scope of contributions that veterinarians make to animal and human health, the career of Jacques Messier is a reflection of one who has done it all.  He got his feet wet in mixed animal practice, he influenced animal health policy within Health Canada, and he helped expand markets of Canadian livestock genetics, leading to improved animal production around the world.  In a short while at the University of Saskatchewan’s Veterinary Medical Center, he oversaw the construction of new hospital facilities, which enables the treatment of more than 18,000 patients a year.  His current role as CEO of the Toronto Humane Society brings this vet’s career full circle, by promoting humane care and protection and prevention of cruelty and suffering of animals.  This too reflects the values of all CAHI members,” said Szkotnicki.

Upon receiving the award, Messier expressed his deep appreciation for the honour.  “I was deeply humbled upon learning that I was receiving the CAHI Industry Leadership Award especially knowing the likes of other recipients.  It is an honour to be recognized by one’s peers for doing jobs that I have loved.  The health of our pets at the Toronto Humane Society and in our homes is a reflection on the research and contributions that this industry makes to society.  I thank and encourage each of your companies for continuing to search for innovative ways to improve animal health here and around the world.”

Dr. Maurice Smith

Maurice Smith

Dr. Smith is flanked by CAHI President Jean Szkotnicki and CAHI Board Member and Vice President, Country Manager Zoetis Canada, Dr. Jair Garcia.

Dr. Maurice Smith, a key contributor to animal health and nutrition in the Canadian poultry industry was presented the Canadian Animal Health Institute’s (CAHI) Industry Leadership Award at the Institute’s Annual Meeting recently. Within the poultry industry, Dr. Smith is seen as a profound resource of knowledge on health, nutrition and management issues.

In presenting the award, Jean Szkotnicki, President of the CAHI indicated that “Colleagues in the poultry industry see Maurice as someone who is always willing to share his knowledge and experience in a professional manner to benefit the poultry industry. His warm and engaging personality has made him not only a professional colleague, but also a friend to a great many people in the poultry industry.”

Citing comments submitted by representatives of the Canadian feed industry in Smith’s nomination for the award, Ms. Szkotnicki indicated that “To the feed industry, Dr. Maurice Smith was our Professor Emeritus with regards to medications for use in domestic animals. He is a valuable resource, and one that is irreplaceable. He is well-read, passionate, yet calm, a professional in all aspects and never lost his quest for knowledge.”

Upon accepting the award, Dr. Smith indicated that his “career as a poultry veterinarian was an interesting ride that depended on the vision, mentorship and support of many people in academia, government and private industry. I have been richly rewarded on this ride and thank everyone who has supported me.”